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Twitter, without doubt, is the most relevant social network when it comes to relevant information and events, and you can't stay out of it.

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Etus Social is the right tool for you to manage your posts on Twitter and other social networks.

  • Scheduling of texts.
  • Program the publication in image, gif and videos.
  • Hashtag marking and standard signature.
  • Link shortener and post approval.
  • Answer inbox and timeline messages.
  • See what the main issues are in Brazil and in the world.
  • Capture of leads and calendar of important dates.
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Etus functions for Twitter

Plan tweets posts by Etus Social and save your time.


With the Etus platform you can schedule posts in different formats such as only text, images, videos and animated gif.

Link Shortener

The URL shortener is used to create a short URL. With our shortener you can quickly reduce a link to share on your social networks.

Leads Capture

At Etus you can create landing pages, forms and pop up for your website, blog or start, and also add to your post a link from lead capture created through our platform.

Post Approval

The user responsible for approval will receive an email to approve or reject the post, they will also be able to see the posts awaiting approval on the Workflows List page.

Centralised SAC

With Etus' SAC , you don't have to go from social networking to replying to your messages, centralize on a single inbox, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook messages.


In this option the Etus platform allows you to answer comments and interact with your audience, or even delete a post already posted.

Unlimited Report

Manage full reports and customized for Twitter and all other social networks. Track results and monitor competitors by pressing a single button.

Trending Topics

Find out what's most talked about on Twitter and other social networks and add your hashtags to your posts for more engagement.


Automatically add your logo or artwork pattern to images before they are published. Choose the positioning, transparency and size.


Directly on the scheduling screen you can access and use our seasonal date calendar to not miss any important dates.

Unlimited Users

Manage your entire team and clients, provide unlimited user access to your account by managing access levels such as admin, social media, SAC, customer or finance.

Image Bank

In partnership with an image and video bank, Etus makes over 1.7 million files available with a free licence for you to use at will.

Approve, publish, attend, monitor and sell

Optimize your time scheduling with the fastest growing social network management platform in the world!

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Image Sizes for Twitter

Engagement on Twitter is one of the main attractions for both users and companies that invest in creating profiles and ads on the social network.

  • Cover and Profile
  • Posts
  • Twitter

Like other platforms, there are dimensions for images that need to be followed for better viewing on the platform. Let's go to them!

template cover and twitter profile


Profile: The profile image for Twitter should have the dimensions of 400 x 400 pixels Cover: The cover image for Twitter should be 1500 x 500 pixels in size

Famous for the 140 characters of limited space the text, over time, twitter has gained possibilities to use links, images and videos in tweets. Now the limitation is 280 characters.

templaite twitter posts


  • Square post: The square post format for Twitter must have the dimensions of 1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • Horizontal post: The dimensions of 900 x 450 pixels are indicated for the horizontal post.
  • Horizontal video: For Twitter is indicated the horizontal video post in the measure 1920 x 1200 pixels or proportional.
  • Vertical video: Vertical video can be produced in the dimensions 1080 x 1920 pixels.

  • Twitter was founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone in the United States. As a stand-alone company since 2007, the platform offers users a space to chat and share written content, photographs and videos. In addition, one of Twitter's main tools, Trending Topics, provides users with the world's most talked about subjects at the moment.

    Currently, the microblog is available in about 35 languages and has 316 million active users every month. The service can be accessed through the company's own website and on mobile devices as an application.

    social network logo twitter

    To cope with the demand, the company now has 35 offices around the world, with guidelines that include freedom of expression, transparency and security for users.

    In Brazil, Twitter gained popularity in 2008, but the platform only received a Portuguese version a year later. In 2012, the company opened its first physical office on Brazilian soil. Today, the company has a headquarters in São Paulo and another in Rio de Janeiro.

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    Download our Application

    Available for Android and IOS, with the Etus app you can manage Facebook and all your social networks from your smartphone.

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