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One of the most famous content publication networks, integrated to all its main social networks.

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Tumblr is the place where the things you enjoy connect you to other people.

  • Express yourself, be yourself, connect with your tribe.
  • Publish texts.
  • Schedule photos, GIFs and videos.
  • Publish live videos, audios, whatever you want!
  • Post approval.
  • Edit your post also for our calendar.
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Etus functions for Tumblr

Join millions of people in communities arranged in millions of #tags. Do it via Etus :)


Only with the Etus Social platform you publish texts, photos, GIFs, videos, live videos and audios to the Tumblr social network and achieve the best results.

Link Shortener

The URL shortener is used to create a short URL. With our shortener you can quickly reduce a link to share on your social networks.

Leads Capture

At Etus you can create landing pages, forms and pop up for your website, blog or start, and also add to your post a link from lead capture created through our platform.

Post Approval

The user responsible for approval will receive an email to approve or reject the post, he can also see the posts awaiting approval on the Workflows List page.


Automatically add your logo or artwork pattern to images before they are published. Choose the positioning, transparency and size.


Directly on the scheduling screen you can access and use our seasonal date calendar to not miss any important dates.

Unlimited Report

Generate full reports and customised content for Tumblr and all other social networks. Track results and monitor competitors at the push of a single button.

Image Bank

In partnership with an image and video bank, Etus makes over 1.7 million files available with a free licence for you to use at will.

Approve, publish, attend, monitor and sell

Optimize your time scheduling with the fastest growing social network management platform in the world!

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Image Sizes for Tumblr

The Tumblr platform allows its users to publish texts, videos, links, images, audios and other short posts. It is not considered a microblog, but neither is it a blog hosted on WordPress, Blogger or other "large" scale, Tumblr is in the middle between them.

  • Cover and Profile
  • Posts
  • The Tumblr

The interaction between users is very interesting, they can follow users, posts, favor and reblog posts. The customization of the platform also draws a lot of attention, because it is easy to edit, with several themes available on the panel itself.

templaite cover and tumblr profile


  • Profile: It has dimensions of 100x 100 pixels, 1:1 ratio. Tumblr allows you to choose whether you want the image with circular or square cut
  • Cover: 590 x 340 pixel display size.

  • For you who work with social networks, you must be within the exact size of the images that are used in the main dissemination platforms and for this reason we are presenting the sizes of the images that can be used in Tumblr.

    templaite post tumblr


  • Post: Size ofpost/post images: 570 × 750 pixels. Images may not exceed 10mb and 1280×1920. GIF cannot exceed 1mb and 500 pixels.

  • Tumblr was created in 2007 by David Karp in the United States. The social network quickly became popular among bloggers, who migrated from other platforms to the new content sharing tool. In 2013, Yahoo bought the company.

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    Basically, Tumblr is composed of blogs with wide publishing flexibility. Among the formats supported by the social network are text, dialogue, citation, photo, video, link and audio. In addition, the company allows users to follow the pages of their interest and share their posts.

    According to the company, currently the platform has 408 million blogs. Because of its flexibility, the application brings all kinds of content: from recipes and beauty tutorials to pornography.

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