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Keep your digital presence in Instagram, schedule your publications by Etus.

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schedule post in instagram


Maintain your digital presence on Instagram, schedule your posts with Etus.

  • Schedule images, animated gifs and videos.
  • Schedule the publication in the feed and repost.
  • Marking of location, hashtag, profiles and products.
  • First comment and disable comments.
  • Answer direct, capture leads and link in bio.
  • Post approval and boosting of posts.
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Etus' Functions for Instagram

Schedule your Instagram posts by Etus quickly, easily and save your time.


With Etus' platform you program posts in different formats like images, videos, animated gif and feed.


To share the Instagram post of some profile, access the post you want to share through your computer browser, copy the url of the post and paste the url in the given field.


Extend your Instagram results, by Etus you add a location, brand people, brand products, insert an alternative text, hashtags and drag up link.

First Comment

Add a first comment to your Instagram posts automatically, you can add text and hashtags in this field and the comment will be made next to the Instagram post.

Disable Comments

This function blocks the comments field in your post, no Instagram user will be able to comment on your post. Use this function with caution so as not to jeopardize your engagement.

Link Bio

Provide multiple options to your followers when they click on your link in the bio, share all your social media profiles and important links with just one url.

Leads Capture

At Etus you can easily create forms and integrate them into your Instagram bio link and do lead capture and save on our platform.


With Etus' SAC , you don't have to go from social networking to replying to your messages, centralize Instagram, Facebook and Twitter messages into a single inbox.


In this option, Etus' platform allows you to reply to comments, edit your already published posts, delete posts and interact with your audience.


In this option the Etus platform allows you to answer Instagram's comments, edit your already published posts, delete posts and interact with your audience.

Unlimited Report

Manage complete reports and customized for Instagram and all other social networks. Track results and monitor competitors by pressing a single button.

Trending Topics

Find out what Instagram and other social networks are most talked about and add your hashtags to your posts for more engagement.

Post Approval

The user responsible for approval will receive an email to approve or reject the post, they will also be able to see the posts awaiting approval on the Workflows List page.


Automatically add your logo or artwork pattern to images before they are published. Choose the positioning, transparency and size.


Directly on the scheduling screen you can access and use our seasonal date calendar to not miss any important dates.

Unlimited Users

Manage your entire team and client, provide access to users in your account in an unlimited way by managing access levels such as administrator, social media, SAC, customer or financial.

Image Bank

In partnership with an image and video bank, Etus makes over 1.7 million files available with a free licence for you to use at will.

Post Boost

That's right, with Etus Social you program the of your posts to Facebook and Instagram at the time of posting scheduling and achieve many more results.

Approve, publish, attend, monitor and sell

Optimize your time scheduling with the fastest growing social network management platform in the world!

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Image Sizes for Instagram

Instagram is the biggest platform based on visual content you already know. But do you know what sizes of images Instagram is?

  • Profile
  • Posts
  • Instagram

That information is very important. Images are the most popular type of content on social networks, representing more than 63% of the content on these networks and with 43% sharing rate.

templaite profile instagram


  • Profile: Instagram's profile photo or image has dimensions of 180 x 180 pixels, this is the minimum size, we recommend 1080 x 1080 pixels in JPG format.

  • Etus Social makes available for dowloads profile image templates and posts in several formats for you to get an excellent result in your publications.

    templaite posts instagram


  • SquarePost: Square post on feed, we recommend 1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • Post Vertical: Post vertical on feed, we recommend 1080 x 1350 pixels
  • Post Horizontal: Post horizontal on feed, we recommend 1080 x 566 pixels.
  • Video feed: Recommended size by ratio, 1:1, 9:16 and 5:4.

  • Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Brazilian Mike Krieger in 2010. A few months later, the social network became one of the most promising applications in the App Store.

    In just one year, Instagram already had ten million users and the service was only available to iPhones and iPads owners. In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for about $1 billion in the same year the social network was made available for Android devices.

    establishment plan

    The social network allows the sharing of photos and videos, as well as integration with other apps. Among its features are the application of filters, boomerang, stories, as well as live video recording and broadcasting. Currently, Instagram is also one of the main vehicles for advertising for companies around the world.

    promotion of facebook posts and instagrams

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    Available for Android and IOS, with the Etus app you can manage Facebook and all your social networks from your smartphone.

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